DEVIS LoRaWAN® Network Server

Technical specification v2.9

Basic parameters:

• LoRaWAN 1.0.1 protocol support, EU band 863-870
• Class A, C equipment
• Activation of OTAA, ABP devices
• ADR (Adaptive Data Rate)
• Ability to send MAC commands to the device
• Possibility to set radio parameters of individual devices, windows RX1 and RX2, etc.
• Implementation of data filters for decoding uplink data in JavaScript
• Cache for sent / received data

Additional parameters:

• Evidence of customers and users, management of access rights
• Generation of documents for invoicing for services
• GW records with the possibility of remote control, collection and visualization of statistical data, geolocation, map display, etc.
• Monitoring of GW and individual devices, traffic statistics, visualization, etc.
• Automatic import / export of devices to / from the system
• Management of downlink queues for data and MAC commands, accurate registration of downlink traffic.
• Intelligent automatic monitoring and identification of incorrectly behaving devices, automatic correction of parameters
• Management of uplink queues of individual devices
• Monitoring of individual devices, monitoring of battery status, etc.
• Monitoring the success of data sent to the application server using the HTTP / 1 Push method

Communication interface:

MQTT for both uplink and downlink data
HTTP / 1 Push for both uplink and downlink data
REST API for cache access
XML-RPC interface for system-wide communication / control
• WWW interface for system-wide control (via XML-RPC)